Kitchen island with four stools and two pendant lights above

If updating your home is at the top of your list for 2023, the experts are here to help. Here are some trends to look out for and consider when deciding on your style and color scheme. Keep in mind some options just entering the home remodeling scene and some that seem to be here to stay.

Bold is Here to Stay

Bold elements have made their way into family rooms and other living areas, but they are now enhancing the traditional all-white bathroom design scheme that has dominated over the past few years. Although white is not gone, homeowners add a little drama by contrasting it with deep colors such as navy and black for vanities and fixtures. Brass and natural flooring materials help create a harmonious yet chic and modern bathroom environment.

Your Shower is Also Changing

Keeping with the bathroom theme, we have seen smaller tiles and patterns reign over shower floors. In 2023 we expect curbless showers to help homeowners amplify the space by inviting the whole bathroom to join in the flooring design pattern. Not only is this an opportunity to create a safer, non-slip surface for the entire room, but it also capitalizes on the visual effect of a continuous surface.

Natural and Organic Is Not Old-Fashioned

Homeowners continue to research and choose natural materials. Their decision is often based on environmental concerns, but it also follows a desire to create cozy rooms in the household. But just because materials are natural, it doesn’t mean that all homes look like log cabins. Stone co-exists with exposed wood ceilings to create a modern environment with rustic roots.

Wallpaper is Back

In trying to invite bolder and more daring textures and colors into the home, property owners are increasingly looking to wallpaper for help. You don’t need to commit a whole room to a busy design or bold color, so wallpaper can help you create that accent wall that pulls an entire room together and makes it unique.

Make Your Island Work for You

For many home-dwellers, the kitchen is the heart of the home and where family and guests naturally gravitate, often by-passing sitting and living room arrangements. Rather than keeping the typical collection of bar stools facing the inside of the kitchen, newer designs seek to expand seating options by adding an extension or tier to the existing island and incorporating extra chairs.

Let the Outdoors Be Part of Your Design

If you dream of having a space that fully opens and becomes one with the outside, you may know that achieving such a feat takes work. Budget, construction, and design may all conspire to limit your options. Still, designers are helping their clients achieve that marriage of the outdoors with your indoor design by adding large windows that invite natural light and provide large unobstructed views of nature. The colors you choose and the materials can also evoke a feeling of nature, even if you are indoors.

Embrace Texture

Virtually every design magazine speaks of texture and layers when considering renovations. If you need clarification about how it all comes together, look no further. Texture in wallpaper, fabric, and furnishings catalyzes a room to unite uniquely and cohesively. Ideally, your scheme generates focal points and creates tactile interest. Even if your goal is to create a relaxing space with muted tones, you can still incorporate light wood, warm patterns, and specific finishes that help make the ambiance you are looking for. Unexpected elements picked up in your travels, or family heirlooms can all find a place in your design if you’re bold enough to try.

Home renovations can be exciting and stressful at the same time. But if you take the time to consider your goal for each room and what you envision, you’re sure to create a space as unique as you are.