Mid adult handsome man working at home using laptop, while his daughter doing her homework in background in living room

Although we are no longer confined to our homes like in early 2020, our houses, condos, cabins, and bungalows continue to be home base for work and play. We are now revisiting renovations and design decisions that started with the goal of being functional in a rapid shift of our daily routines and taking a hard look at what we need to fit our new life rhythm. Consider some decorating trends to further your projects and make your space meet your needs.

Your Home Office is not a Temporary Space.

Working at your dining table or kitchen counter is challenging. Your setup for video conferences and your comfort and equipment accessibility is important to have a home office that works for you. Whether you decide to carve some space in the guest or family room, design it with functionality in mind. Your home office should lead to productivity and concentration while being a pleasant place for you to be in.

 Make the Outdoors Inviting

Spending more time at home comes with the need to make outdoor space more inviting when you need a change of scenery. Beyond the obvious pool landscaping, outdoor kitchens, and great outdoor furniture, seek to add shaded areas where you can protect yourself from the sun. In many parts of the country, adding an outdoor shower without spending a fortune is also a fun way to feel like you are on vacation every time you walk into your backyard.

Leverage Technology in Every Room

Your bathroom, kitchen, and living room all benefit from newer technology. Incremental changes like changing your outlets to allow for USB connectivity to using apps to control lights, fans, and temperature, technology can make a big difference all around the home. Keep in mind your needs and habits, along with those of other household members, and let innovation work for you.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Consumers are increasingly using bold colors to create environments to make them feel at ease and express their personalities. Whether you opt for colors resembling the great outdoors, add contrasting hues or create contrast between flooring, countertops, and cabinets, you will find an affordable and unique way to achieve the look you desire.

Welcome Your Side-Hustle into the Family

Many of us took advantage of the last couple of years and devoted time to hobbies that became sources of income and growing businesses. Millennials and Gen Z’ers excel at harnessing their talents and creativity, often from home. As a result, bedrooms and living rooms have become storage, craft rooms, and fulfillment centers. Now is the time to formalize those activities and incorporate your business needs into your design scheme. Flexible spaces that are aesthetically pleasing become easy winners for homeowners.

Home décor has always been a personal expression, but now that facets of our lives cohabitate in our living rooms, functionality and looks are increasingly important. Regardless of your choice, make sure it matches your personality and the needs of life in the “new normal.”