Are you considering a home renovation in 2024? From the living room to the bathroom and bedroom, let’s explore the exciting design ideas shaping Chicago homes this year.

Living Room Elegance

Living rooms in 2024 focus on organic shapes, flexibility, and elegance.

●     Elegant Archways: Rounded arches in doorways and windows bring an old-world charm to modern homes. 

●     Statement Ceilings: Whether they’re coffered, vaulted, or feature exposed beams, a unique ceiling adds aesthetic appeal and warmth to a living space.

●     Upscaling with Flexibility: This space-saving tactic is a must for many homes. Convert a spare bedroom into an office or playroom with hide-away beds for guests.

Trendsetting Kitchens

In 2024, kitchens maximize space and function, turning this space into a warm, bright room for social functions.

●     Emphasizing Character and Color: Bid farewell to all-white and all-gray kitchens in 2024. Experiment with two-toned cabinets. Mix and match with countertop materials. Natural wood open shelving adds character and functionality.

●     Inviting in Natural Light: Maximize natural light by opening up wall space for additional windows. Glossy white subway tiles and glass-front cabinets enhance light reflection.

●     Personalization is Key: Personalize the kitchen with custom coffee stations, bar areas, and unique storage solutions. Open shelving showcases glassware and kitchen tools. Vibrant encaustic and zellige tiles bring personality to backsplashes.

●     Double Kitchen Islands: Two kitchen islands create an open floor plan with additional surface area and storage. Utilize one island for meal preparation and the other for seating or completing tasks.

● Butler’s Pantries Streamline Kitchen Prep: Butler’s pantries are an ideal addition for prep and staging and can maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen. Consider a “Costco door” connecting the garage to streamline unloading.

Spa-Worthy Bathrooms

Bathrooms will double as spas in 2024 and feature a more diverse mix of colors and materials.

●     Efficient In-Floor Heating: Combat cold tile floors with in-floor radiant heating—a remodel must-have for a spa-like experience, especially during colder months. 

●     Natural Wood Complements for Color: A white palette accented by natural wood or vibrant colors is charming and inviting. Use hardwood-styled luxury vinyl or ceramic tile on the bathroom floor for a natural look.

●     Soothing Colors Encourage Relaxation: Earthy greens, nautical blues, and muted pinks contribute to a tranquil bathroom ambiance. Apply these soft hues to walls, tiling, or the bathroom vanity.

●     Unique Terrazzo Tile Options: Terrazzo is known for its customizable designs, durability, and availability in various colors; it’s an excellent choice for showers, countertops, or floors.

●     Steam Shower Rejuvenation: Enhance the spa experience with feature-laden steam shower kits with chromotherapy, body sprayers, and built-in Bluetooth speakers.

●     Consider Accessibility and Longevity: Plan for the future by incorporating accessibility features in your bathroom design. Strategically place outlets and switches, create a large, curbless shower with seating, and ensure wide maneuverability for assisted mobility.

Creating a Bedroom Oasis:

Bedroom remodeling in 2024 focuses on vibrance, green materials, and blending the indoors and outdoors while preserving privacy.

●     Accent Walls That Pop: Accent walls are back in 2024, particularly behind beds. Choose a vibrant accent color or a darker neutral tone for a distinctive aesthetic. Experiment with geometric patterns or scenic murals.

●     Private Outdoor Spaces: Connect the indoors with the outdoors by incorporating private decks or patios beside bedrooms. Designers can suggest elegant privacy solutions like fencing or plants.

●     Sustainability is Key: Green and sustainable materials take center stage in bedroom remodels in 2024. Prioritize eco-friendly practices for a project that enhances your living spaces and contributes to a healthier planet.

Choosing the Perfect Features for Your Remodel

By blending current trends with timeless design principles, your 2024 home renovation can seamlessly integrate style, functionality, and sustainability to your specifications.