kitchen in newly constructed luxury home

Take Steps to Enjoy All Time Spent at Home

The work-from-home trend has gathered momentum over the past few years, especially during the pandemic. Many people choose cost-effective renovations to facilitate the function and comfort of their homes by converting them to dwellings supporting multiple uses. Although inflation, as well as rising material costs, are factors that discourage major remodeling, carefully curated projects are on the upswing pairing necessary repairs or routine maintenance with upgrades that make family and leisure time more pleasant and distance working more productive. Saving on monthly bills is also a plus.

Embedding Home Offices

If working at the kitchen counter loses its appeal, directing renovation resources to develop dedicated or more work-friendly spaces. This may mean adding on or repurposing a pre-existing room or suite. Outbuildings like garages or sheds can offer a private environment for work without buying or renting commercial space. Using screens, bookcases, and other permanent or temporary barriers can carve out an office within a larger general-purpose room. 

Focus On Kitchens and Bathrooms

As you spend more time at home working or relaxing, do not deprive your family and yourself of the comforts of a bathroom or kitchen remodeling. Modernized appliances, plumbing fixtures, and lighting can create excitement, making daily tasks like cooking, bathing, and laundry more manageable and enjoyable. New cabinet and appliance faces or countertops can refresh a tired look, making your utility areas look custom-made and “built-in.”

Open Up to the Great Outdoors

When planning upgrades to kitchens or baths, homeowners with yards, gardens, or decks should consider a facelift that integrates outdoor square footage into a seamless flow from indoor living spaces. Comfortable entertaining or play areas can be added as space permits. Pizza ovens and patio kitchens are popular projects that scale to fit any budget for maximum effect.

Consider Expanding to Incorporate Additional Dwelling Space

Some homeowners collaborate with friends or family to buy real estate that is or has the potential for multiple living units. Motivations range from cost savings to a desire to live more communally. Whether you consider adding an accessory apartment for an elderly parent or adult child returning to the family nest, experts see multi-dwelling residences as an up-and-coming trend.

Save with Environmentally Mindful Energy Choices

When choosing from among the above renovations, compound your benefits by adding energy-saving options. Lowering energy costs by installing environmentally friendly home improvements clearly qualifies as a win-win. Federal and some state tax credits can help subsidize planned upgrades meeting legislative requirements for energy efficiency. Covered improvements can include:

  • Qualified energy efficiency improvements installed, from new windows and doors to appliances to low-flush toilets
  • Residential energy property expenses, including new central AC, water heaters, furnaces or boilers, or solar panels
  • Home energy audits
  • Smart technology that helps reduce costs by saving energy

Decide which recent home renovation ideas fit best with your family configuration before taking the leap. The test is whether the projects you envision will improve your life and make your home more comfortable and functional.