Home Office with Workplace and smart boards

Homeowners who found themselves spending more time at home working, going to school, and finding new hobbies and leisure activities also boosted people’s want to resty their interior home looks. While people continue to spend time doing work, school, and leisure activities at home more than ever, the trend for makeovers and complete renovations resume. The following design tips encompass modern materials and are good looks that will keep a home from looking dated through smart renovation choices.

Super Functional Home Office Spaces

As the pandemic wore on, people working from home found that they needed far more structure than conducting Zoom calls from the kitchen or a back area of the house where call participants could not hear the television, kids, or pets. Allocating space in a home for a dedicated office can completely transform the look and function of the room. Furniture such as convertible desks that double as end tables until folded out to form a full-sized desktop and sleeper sofas allow a space to serve as both a home office and guest bedroom. Storage in a home office can come in the form of traditional filing cabinets or consider stackable woven boxes that do not call attention to their function but add to the room’s overall look. Tech additions many people are investing in their home office designs include:

  • Smartboards
  • Projectors
  • Wet bars

Outdoor Living Spaces

When the ability to go to restaurants and other public venues got shuttered, many people began looking at enhancing their outdoor areas into comfortable places to relax and hang out with their families and entertain. The investment in an awning, including retractable designs, has been a critical element in many outdoor renovations. It is good to ensure the awning chosen has construction materials approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This organization recognizes materials that provide adequate U.V. sun protection in the fight against skin cancer. Furniture made from sustainable woods and treated with anti-weathering agents allows long service life. 

Outdoor Room Additions Expand the Living Space

Many homeowners find hidden gold in their outdoor space by using small portions to create specific function areas outside the living space. Ideas for an extra room include:

  • A yoga or laundry room.
  • Outdoor kitchen.
  • Four-season dining area for year-round relaxing and entertaining.

Bringing Texture Into Your Room Design

The look and feel of the room depend primarily on the textures used on the walls, the furnishings, and the accessories. Flat finish drywall combined with smooth furnishings delivers a decidedly one-note look. When renovating a room, plan for elements that pop with texture, such as rough-finish walls with an eye-catching look and excellent tactile feel. The faux finish industry has expanded with a host of materials and choices over the past decade. This expansion allows homeowners of any budget to get the interior design they want, such as a faux brick wall or Venetian plaster or marble, complete with textural additions to boost the room’s appeal. Above all, texture brings a sense of warmth into a space; use it to create a welcoming feel to your room.

Colors for Now and the Future

Bright contrasting colors look dated; the trend for the past couple of years seems slated to continue towards softer hues around the color wheel. Strong textured upholstery fabrics in sage green, pale yellow, light gray, and blue tones add to the warm feeling that is a large part of good decor. For walls, showing one’s unique sense of style through the use of wallpaper has made a big comeback with no signs of slowing down. Whether your project is a single addition to a room or a whole house makeover, talk to a renovation professional and create a plan that meets your expectations and your budget to build the home you can enjoy and remain on point for style for years to come.