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Renovations infuse new life into homes and let homeowners reinvent themselves by expressing their tastes through new designs and furnishings. When life changed at the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have found ourselves reimagining living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, and 2022 is poised to be an even bigger year for renovations. As we embark upon big and audacious plans, here are a few things to keep in mind.

More than ever, planning your renovation is crucial. Inventory challenges and labor availability can be an issue, so ensuring that your contractor, budget, and materials are all set can save you headaches. When you consider your return on investment, remember that adding value to your home is as important as your taste and what you want your home to look like. To help you through the design process, here are a few trends to keep in mind.

Let Color into Your Kitchen

One of the by-products of spending so much time at home is that traditional white cabinets and kitchens leave us wanting a pop of color to go with our morning coffee. Painting your cabinets is a relatively easy fix that can significantly change your kitchen’s outlook.

The Home Office is Here to Stay

If someone had told us in the early pandemic that working from home would be a constant in many households, we would have been surprised. But now that hybrid and remote work models are the norm, creating a suitable home office is a must. Rather than dedicate an entire room to be your office, think of multi-functional spaces that allow for family life and work-life to intersect.

Make Way for Wallpaper

Along with painting your kitchen cabinets, you can invite color, patterns, and shapes into your home by adding bold wallpaper designs. The new generation of wallpaper is easier to install than its predecessors and comes at different price points and many prints.

The Old is New Again

When we want to redecorate, we don’t want to wait. Many homeowners are looking at vintage finds and updating them with a little sweat equity to create unique pieces without waiting weeks for delivery. Save yourself the anguish of shipping delays and let your personality shine through new-to-you accents.

Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

Just because we spend more time at home doesn’t mean we must be indoors. Beautiful pergolas with hanging lanterns and outdoor décor create a visually pleasing space to spend some time. A simple outdoor heater can make the space even more welcoming if you live in cooler climates.

Remodeling doesn’t require total demolition. Some simple design elements can make a huge impaact and rejuvenate your home. As you think of the changes you will be making to your home, keep in mind your sense of style and ensure it is felt in every room of your house.