Black and grey air compressed nail gun used to install white wood crown moulding in own vintage home renovation

If you have been thinking of remodeling your home but have yet to commit the necessary time and money, this article is for you. Your home should bring you peace and be a source of happiness from the moment you wake up until you go back to sleep. If a kitchen or bathroom renovation is just what you need to make the space more functional and serene, stop hesitating. In 2023 budgets of all sizes and people of all tastes can find a way to achieve the style you want for your home.

Your taste and personality should guide many of your design decisions, but other factors also come into play. If you tackle some of the renovations yourself or are just updating it before putting it on the market, you should include sustainable products in your design. To help narrow down your choices, consider some of the following trends.

The Kitchen is a Reflection of You

A white sterile kitchen is not as popular as it was before. Instead, designs incorporate more earthly tones into the palette to create a calming environment. Aside from their sense of wellness, these neutral tones work well with natural textures and materials such as wood. Many homeowners continue to add a bar space to their kitchen and improve storage and surface space on their islands. Overall, the kitchen continues to be a place to gather and have a good time.

Wellness and Bold Colors in the Bathroom

As we seek a spa-like feeling in the bathroom, homeowners are adding elements of relaxation in 2023. Nature is also making its way into this space for relaxation, and color selections tend to reflect the outdoors to add to the sense of calm. Some designs incorporate lights and music to add to the bathroom’s serenity, thus achieving a multi-sensory experience reminiscent of a wellness retreat.

A Seamless Transition from the Indoor to the Outdoors

Keeping in line with the trends above, property owners are looking for ways to bridge their living space with the outdoors. Natural lighting and large open spaces guide construction decisions, such as adding large windows, creating patios, and using retractable screens. We want nature to join us, but not the bugs that come with it!

Add Some Curves to Your Repertoire

To add some softness to your rooms, incorporate curves where you can. Curves eliminate sharp lines that feel rigid and overly formal and can even help you optimize your use of space. For example, a round mirror, a curved armchair, and a kitchen island can add interest to your design.

Brown is Not a 1970s Revival.

If you think brown is boring, think again. If you pair it with complementary tones, it can add warmth and depth to your room. You can incorporate brown in a piece of furniture, upholstery, or even an area rug and add bold-colored cushions or art to balance it. 

Say Good-Bye to Sharp Edges

Neutral tones and a softer feel to your house come with plush furniture in luxurious fabric. It also comes with curves and arches to lessen the rigidity of straight lines and sharp edges. A round area rug or seating with curved arms looks friendlier and more inviting. Your light fixtures can also create a softer feel, so don’t forget to explore round pendants and chandeliers in your options.