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Two of the most critical areas for property owners are the kitchen and bathrooms. Anyone looking over these rooms in their home and making the decision to upgrade can implement some of the following trends to breathe new life into their decor design.

Features That Highlight Wellness

There are numerous additions that consumers are trending towards to make a healthy living even more convenient. One element that has growing requests for bathroom upgrades is steam showers, which benefit from a deep clean, detoxing, and many users report they feel better after spending time in one. Bathtubs and showers constructed from stone are other popular updates. In the kitchen, beneficial upgrades to the layout give more countertop space, and under-cabinet water purifying units are becoming more commonplace. 

Weighing The Cost Of Embracing Trends

Labor shortages,  the cost of materials, and the need to change structures to accommodate or support updates in bathrooms and kitchens can be a significant part of the decision-making process. Making changes that give homeowners more space, fit new appliances, and incorporate advanced technology can bring substantial costs that involve financing through loans. However, living healthier, more sustainable, and having a high functioning space make the investment in the updates worth it for many people. 

Technology Expected

While baby boomers may get excited about implementing an ecosystem in their home to support their NEST or other home-running technology, millennials expect these features as most are already tech-native. Faucets that can take commands to turn on hot or cold and deliver exact amounts of water are becoming standard. Ovens that can turn on to the temperature or function needed are another feature in an updated kitchen that is becoming more common. Some of the newer refrigerators have features that allow the device to identify the foodstuffs within and suggest meals that can get prepared, lessening food waste. Connected devices are here to stay, and with each year, more integrative features get developed. 

In the bathroom, additions such as smart mirrors and fixtures can communicate with the home WiFi system. Faucets that can turn on upon command and convenience elements such as heated towel warmers can get turned on via an app or direct interface by the user and be ready when someone steps out of the bathtub or shower. Smart mirrors are one of the fastest-growing sectors with placement in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Many people use them to engage in interactive fitness programs. While many systems are now “one shelf,” allowing families to manage several devices through a single interface, future predictions include the development of AI in these devices that can learn the users’ habits and preferences. 

Accommodating Working From Home

In the present, more and more people are choosing to work from home. With laptops and mobile devices, there is no need to set up a formal office in the house and create quiet spaces in the home to work at. Some of these trends include desks built into the wall in common areas of the home that can get pulled down for use and remain out of sight until needed. 

Technology is slated to be a large part of the “aging in place” installations such as electrical, plumbing, and standard mechanicals. Voice controls continue to be in demand, with homeowners preferring to tell their refrigerator to make extra ice rather than use a keypad to input the command. Safety in the home is another feature. Besides the alarm systems, monitoring water and electricity in the home can give homeowners an early warning system for leaks, arcs, and other problems that can cause catastrophic damage to property and contents. 

Lighting is another trend to embrace in the home, mainly when natural lighting is not a substantial part of its design.

Light fixtures that meld into the home ecosystem allow for voice commands to control the power and amount of light delivered into the room, which can set the mood and work to save money. 

Color is Back in the Kitchen

While stainless steel appliances are very much in demand, color is also making a strong comeback. As far as cabinets and countertops, whites and blues are among the most popular choices due to the ease of blending with other colors as contrast or complementary color addition. 

If you are considering an upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom, you cannot go wrong by embracing the latest technology. Consider setting up a room that works for you via voice command and enjoy a space made for convenience and healthy options for years to come. 

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