Construction workers discussing building plans

Most of us have spent a lot of time inside our homes during the last two years. You may feel the need to update and remodel all or some of it as you look around. Whether you choose to renovate to refresh your style choices or help your home meet your current needs, consulting an expert is always a good idea. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) helps connect you with an industry expert to guide your projects. 

NARI also emphasizes the following when selecting a designer that is right for you.

Pick an Expert with a Demonstrated Track Record

You can begin your search on their website by selecting your zip code and the type of designer you need. Conversely, you can use their online resources to research the reputation and background of experts recommended by friends and family. Information regarding certifications is readily available on their site.

Give Yourself Some Choices

Take some time to explain your project to several remodelers. Be sure to discuss your goals, timeline, and budget and ask them for their input. Prospect remodelers should provide references and share their track record with you. Make sure to take the time to verify their references and hear what prior clients have to say.

Pay Attention to the Legalese

Before signing a contract with a contractor, make sure you understand the legal framework around your job. Proof of insurance coverage, licenses, and certifications is essential, as is a clear process to handle problems and disagreements. It is also extremely important to verify their liability insurance and coverage for all employees working under your roof.

Let All Factors Weigh In

Many customers look only to the bottom line when making their selection. Although pricing is incredibly important, be wary of quotes that sound too good to be true. Make sure all project stages are spelled out and included in the proposal and that you are comparing equally between contractors. Make sure your selection knows how to handle the permitting process and makes correct calculations for materials costs. It is not uncommon for reputable remodelers to be called in after a homeowner finds that a less expensive alternative translated into a half-baked job and a slew of problems.

Decide Who Needs to be on Your Team

Not all remodeling jobs are the same, and some may require an architect or interior designer. The most typical combinations in the industry include the following-

Remodeling Contractor

If you don’t need design help, you may be okay with hiring a contractor. Strict construction repairs such as repairing windows or roofs are typical projects where a remodeling professional suffices.

Design Help

If you are embarking upon new construction and need to pull permits and draw up new plans, you may want to add an architect or designer to your team. This type of construction requires permits and code inspections.

Maximizing Looks and Functionality

Interior designers go well beyond picking colors and textiles. These consultants help you design your space, so it looks beautiful and meets the functionality needs of your household. They can also help you select materials that fit your budget and vision.

Embarking upon a remodeling project is exciting! Doing your research and engaging with the help of a professional team can set the groundwork to make it as seamless as possible.