Master Bathroom Remodeling: Painting in-Progress

 The hallmarks of modern design and its many sub-genres are clean lines, functionality, and style. No matter if you are building a brand new house or upgrading the bathroom in your current home, there are smart elements that can level-up the look of your space. 

The two most used rooms in a home are the kitchen and the bathroom. When putting together the ideal bathroom remodeling project, because space is often a tight commodity, it is good to make a list of the desired conveniences wanted. In many cases, these can get combined into a single piece of furniture or area to save on space. 

First, establish the basics. The plumbing needs to be modernized. Iron pipes and older supply lines should be replaced as many have lead solder at the seams. The PVC or copper pipe replacement gets accomplished through a single entry point within the existing plumbing with an epoxy coating around the replacement pipe to create a stronger pipe and healthier water from the taps. If the toilets are over ten years old, it is a good idea to update to a water-saving model, which also saves money on the water bill.

Double the Function and Style

Cluttered countertops look anything but modern. Designing a bathroom space with adequate storage can get accomplished even when space is limited, such as in a loft. A traditional sink with a single storage area underneath can get replaced with a sink and pull-out drawer that holds far more items such as hair dryers, grooming tools, and other items needed for daily self-care. A helpful feature of this type of sink is that underneath the drawer is often another shelf for the additional storage that keeps countertops clear. 

Modern Style Wall Design Choices

When planning a bathroom, every surface should have the ability to get sanitized—using tiles in a solid color in cool tones in gray, brown, or white. Clinker tiles have nearly zero water absorption and have a host of looks that look great in a modern or industrial look, including brick, micro-cement, weathered wood, and more. The concrete look is fascinating because it has a rough-to-the-touch look but, like all clicker tile designs, is completely smooth.

Modern Bathtub Ideas

Metal and glass frequently feature in modern-style decors, and bathtubs can reflect that too. New arrival on the design-scene for bathrooms that is gaining traction is bathtubs made from black glass. These tubs often have matching sink basins for a cohesive look. An existing porcelain tub can get refinished in a cool color from the modern palette such as: 

● Brown

● Gray

● Off-white

● Gray-blue

● Black

● White

Modern Lighting Fixtures to Consider

If your modern decor tastes lean towards industrial, naked Edison-style bulbs on a long wire may fit the bill. Fixtures with metal elements on the crossbar, backplate, and shades. Glass fixtures, even leaning towards chandelier and pendant designs meld well into this look. 

Incorporation of Retro Styles Into a Modern Bathroom Design

Updating an existing bathroom to a new look incorporating modern decor elements does not have to involve a total gutting and redo. There are several ways to repurpose existing fixtures and update colors to give a whole new look that brings a modern room style. 

When putting together a modern look for a bathroom, keep the palette simple; use a primary, secondary, and accent color is enough. Smart storage to keep clutter off countertops and shelves is a must. Final touches, add personal elements to give the bathroom an individual touch that make the bathroom more than just a room to brush your teeth and take a shower, but a space that exudes comfort and style.