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Your contractor should inspect your home, and the determination of whether or not you should say gets done on a case-by-case basis depending on how safe it is for you to remain on-site. Here are six thoughts to consider before you decide whether to stay in your home during a renovation or vacate the premises during the remodel.

One point many people have found they have in common during the COVID-19 pandemic is that there are things they want to change about their homes. One of the significant stress factors in considering a remodeling project is how much the process may disrupt your day-to-day life and how to avoid that from happening.

Do You Trust Your Contractor?  

First and foremost, how is your comfort level with your chosen general contractor? It is a beneficial notion to make a list of questions, and make sure no matter how trivial, get the knowledge from your contractor about your project. Including, does your contractor bring in temporary labor or subcontract out elements of the job? You need to know anyone coming into your home is trained, licensed, and bonded.

Will a Lockbox Be Part of the Renovation?  

Security is a concern during a remodeling project, even if you decide to remain on-site. Framers do not work at the same time as the individuals installing flooring, and the need to come and go while keeping the property safe is a must. Many contractors rely on a lockbox with codes only given to the homeowner and authorized individuals.

Agree on a Time Frame for the Renovation and Daily Work  

Establish not only the length of time the remodeling job is expected to run but also the daily work hours. This pre-set scheduling means you do not wake up to the contractor working on your kitchen when you planned to make coffee before they arrived, or the sounds of building in another area of the house disrupting dinner.

Establish a Protocol for Cleanliness Expected During the Job

Remodeling can be a dirty process, and items in the area should be removed, relocated, or covered to protect them from any dust, dirt, or debris that gets kicked up during the project. Talk to your contractor before the job begins and ask them what their policy is for avoiding damage to contents in the home during the remodel.

What Methods Get Used to Inhibit the Spread of Dust?  

Indoor air quality (IAQ) and dust are important subjects to cover if you decide to remain within your property during the remodeling. There are many practical methods to prevent and mitigate the spread of dust during renovations, which can trigger allergies and conditions such as asthma. Some contractors rely on simple containment of the job site while others use systems that include negative air pressure to externally port airborne particulates and particle-trapping filtration systems.

Keep Out Children and Pets from the Work Area  

If you choose to stay in the home, talk to your children about the dangers of entering the area and set up baby gates or other measures to keep curious pets from investigating the zones of the home under remodeling. Animals who get overly anxious about humans they do not know are on-site or have a sensitivity to fumes from paint or other chemicals may need to get boarded temporarily for their own protection and wellbeing.

In many circumstances, you can remain in your home during renovations, and you can make the whole process go more smoothly if you establish some ground rules for both your family and the contractor to follow.

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